Thursday, July 12, 2012

Beach Waves in 5 minutes or less

Well, as many of you know, I'm lazy. But then again, we all are. And, if you have pin straight hair like me, it could get really annoying to curl it. I remember when I was younger no matter how much I permed my hair, it would still come out not curled at all, and curling irons back then didn't do that great of a job as it does today. Awhile ago, I used to curl my hair with straightening irons and that worked out okay. Except I didn't enjoy those times where I had to pull my hair using the iron to get that curling effect especially now that my hair is at waist length. So, I decided to purchase a new curling iron (40$ at winners retail at >100$) and gave it a go.

The straightener comes with 2 hair clips and a glove (so your hands don't get burnt)

This is how my hair looks when its pin straight.

First, start off with sectioning hair into 2 parts (left and right) and then at each side, part evenly from back and front making 4 even sections in total and then clip the front of the hair. 

I usually start off curling my hair from the back, so taking that entire section of hair, I wrap it around the barrel for exactly 60 seconds (count if you like) and then let loose. 

After curling both sections of one side of your hair, this is the result that you should get. 

Do the same for the other side. 

Finally, shake out your curls using your fingers and if you'd like, add hair spray to your curls for hold. 

End result. 
Note: for those of you whose hair cannot be easily curled, throughout the day, your curl will loosen and by the end of the day, your hair will be more wavy than curly at the bottom. For more of a wavy effect, instead of holding the section of your hair for 60 sections, try 30 seconds instead. 


  1. aww looks so pretty. I got some curlers and tried to curl my hair and instead, burnt the bottom bits of my hair! I curl now with GHDs but I really want Hot Tools xx

    1. oh shoot, lol, did leave it on for too long?