Sunday, July 8, 2012 Lenses Review: EOS, Barbie Eye. Geo

 I'm finally back, yet with another post. I know I have been away for a few months (3?) to be exact, mostly to catch up on my school work, and just in general taking a break from blogging. I am lagging behind with my Youtube videos mostly because in general, I found my videos to be a bit in low quality, as I only have a webcam. So, until I can step up my game with the quality of video recording, I won't be doing them anytime soon.

 I haven't bought any new cosmetics in a long time, because I realized that my makeup has been stacking up with countless eye shadows, blushes, lip glosses, etc. As much as I like to use them all, I only have one set of eyes, 1 set of cheeks, and one mouth. More importantly though, I realized that not every single colour is very flattering on me, and recently, I have been using only one palette which is Lavshuca BE-1 to do my every day makeup, because I found the colours in that palette suits me the most without me putting much effort in my everyday makeup.

I have though, recently been on the search for new pairs of coloured contact lenses, and this time, with prescription. I have seen many bloggers getting their contact lenses from, so I decided to give them a try. I went on their site and found that they gave out free shipping with orders over $60 US! plus free contact cases and gifts(more gifts, the more pairs you order) ,great!, so I decided to order 3 pairs.

I received my order around 2 weeks from the date that I placed my order which is quite reasonable as I live in Canada, and I realize that the order is coming from Malaysia. They also include a tracking number so you know exactly where your package is.

I was so excited to received my package!

I received the package in a big envelop and they bubble wrapped everything, which was well done.

I unwrapped my stuff and saw that I received 3 lense cases plus some gifts :Osmei soothing eye patch, a compact mirror, lashes, and a dariya hair fastener (used to place your hair out of the way while doing makeup). They even included a thank-you note!
Below are the lenses that I purchased: 
Note:I have been wearing every single pair of lenses for a week now.

Brand: EOS
Style: Adult Gray
Review: These lenses are super comfortable. Aside from the fact that they don't look natural, they're absolutely gorgeous. Though if you have dark brown eyes like me, they look more like violet than gray. Also,  these lenses don't look that great by itself if you're not wearing make-up

Brand: Japan Barbie Eye
Style: Eye Ring Brown
Review: Again, these lenses were comfortable as well, and I was able to go through 10 hours with them on without drying my eyes. These lenses tend to give my eyes the anime eyes effect and the brown matches my eyes perfectly. From afar, its not obvious that you are wearing lenses. however, up close, you are able to the swirls, If you're looking for a semi-natural lenses and have dark brown eyes like me, then I would definitely recommend them. 

Brand: Geo 
Style: Brown Circle Lense
Review: These are by far the most natural looking lenses. Unfortunately, compared to both of these above, they are the most uncomfortable lenses. I wore them for 2 hours and had to take them out and they made my eyes go red. I find that with Geo lenses, some of them might be "defects". I used to only wear Geo lenses but I must admit, some of them are SUPER uncomfortable and they were unwearable. 


  1. I really want to try those brown barbie eyes one. They look so cute!


    1. Yeah they're super comfortable though have u tried prescription lenses? They did give me a headache the first time around