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Hi there!
I'm Amy and I've decided to create this blog along with my Youtube videos because I've always wondered what its like to do these things, and I've wanted to try it out. And one day I told myself "stop thinking about it and just do it!". So now, here it is =D

I am currently a student attending University of Waterloo majoring in Mathematical Economics in Waterloo, Ontario. If you go to University of Waterloo as well, find me and say hi =). I'm always either in DC or MC studying or....not studying.......My home is in Toronto, but for the past 5 years, I've been going back and fourth from Waterloo and Toronto alot (booo...gas prices), so I guess I can say, I live in both cities =D.

I'm also a big bargain hunter, as I've done it all my life. When I go into stores to buy clothes, I immediately pass by the front section and go into the back where the clearance stuff is.
 I feel that buying stuff at retail price is really such a rip-off for a lot of brands, since I know that you are not really paying the price for the item, but for the transportation costs, labour costs that goes with it. Some things that are made easily for about 10 cents can be  retailed at $20 dollars CAD.  Example: did you know that that Iphone4 only takes $20 to make, and yet, they retail that thing for over $400. That's a well over 800% mark up.
So, here in my blog, I try to find the best prices for the items =)

Here, you can see what I use to take photos/videos of stuff that's in my blog and as well as Youtube =).

<3 my Sony Viao

decals are from Dollarama - $1.50 =)
And then...there's my Sony Xperia Arc that I take all my pics on except for these (these are taken on my webcam - notice the quality difference)
case bought from ebay =)

look at all those air bubbles =_= lol
My phone's video recording is so much better than my laptop's >.< lol and it even records videos in HD, unfortunately, it's hard to record myself on my phone as it does not have a front camera