Friday, July 29, 2011

Flawless Daytime Natural Look

The Products that I used for this Look:

1. Revlon Colorstay Aqua Mineral Finishing Powder - Translucent Light/Medium
2. Nars Day & Night Palette
3. Elf High Definition Powder
4. Tokidoki Cromatico Palette
5. Shiseido The Makeup Concealer - 2 Medium
6. Ebay Eyelashes
7. Kanebo Kate Gel Eyeliner
8. Rimmel Lipstick- 600 Soft Coral
9. Missha The Style Auto Eyebrow Pencil
10. Lip Fusion Infatuation - Sugar Rush

Today's Bargin Haul

So I went shopping today and this is what I came home with:

From Left to Right:
1. Bare foot Heel & Callus Balm - Walmart - $3.75 CAD
2. Vera Wang Glam Princess - Winners $22 CAD
3. Sephora Light Touch Highlighter/Conceler - Sephora - $3 CAD
4. NYC Lipstain - Walmart - $5 CAD

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Nighttime & Daytime Skincare Routine

These are the products that I use daily, every night before I go to bed and every morning that I wake up. The moisturisers and toners I use all have whitening properties in them. 

1. Kose Cosemenience - Whitist Milky Lotion (Moist)
2. Kose Cosmeport - Hyalocharge Toner
3. L'oreal Ideal Skin Genesis - Eye
4. Purederm Make-up Cleansing TIssues
5. L'oreal Defense - Eye
6. Kose Cosmeport - Moisture Mild White Cream

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Everyday Brown Smokey Eye Tutorial

Circle Lenses: Geo Angel Green

The Final Look
Here are the products that I used in this Tutorial:

1. Shiseido Majolica Majorca Eyeshadow Palette - BR 355
2. Canmake Cheek Gradation - 04
3. Gatsby Hair Wax - Wild Shake
4. Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Eyeliner - Blackest Black
5. B&C Laboratories - Curvy Lip Silicon - 504
6. Covergirl Outlast Lipstain
7. Newborn Styling W Brow -SB2
8. Kiss Me Heroine Make Liquid Eyeliner

Monday, July 25, 2011

New Natural Daytime Look?

I finally installed the blogger mobile app and so Im just testing it out righ now. This morning, I tried out a new daytime natural look. Tutorial will be out soon!!

BBcream Review: Etude House, Missha, Skin 79, Mioggi

I started using BBcreams last year when i keep on hearing great things about them, but only sparingly. But time after time, I started to use it regularly as foundation, and I really love it! It provides great coverage and it doesn't feel heavy or cakey like foundation does. I don't even need to wear moisturiser with the BBcream. If you are feeling really lazy like me, BBcream is all you need before applying make-up. Most of them have whitening and anti-wrinkle properties and SPF as well, so it's like several skincare products in one. Below are some of the BBcreams I currently own now:

From Left To Right:

1. Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream No. 23 

I have to say this is probably the one that most resembles foundation. It provides a thick coverage, it feels a little heavy, and is really moisturising. This one covers absolutely everything all those imperfection and etc. However, sometimes, I feel that this one is a little too oilly for me, so if you have really dry skin, this one is perfect for you. 
2. Skin79 Dream Girls BBcream

I have to say that this is the most watery bbcream that I've ever bought. It's more like a tinted moisturiser/sun screen than anything because it has those UV blocking properties. I bought this bbcream because it was the cheapest one I could find at Pacific Mall in Scarbourgh when I forgot my entire make-up case. This sort of reminds me of the Covergirl feather light foundation featuring Taylor Swift, both of these have similar bottling package as well. It's perfect for the younger population aka teenagers who's starting to experiment with make up or as an addition to your skin care routine, but definitely cannot use this alone.

 3. Etude House Precious Mineral BBcream

This BBcream is really really creamy, and as you can tell, it goes on really light (my hand is just really really tanned, and my face is nearly 5 shades whiter than the rest of my body). Here, I've put way too much of it on my hand, because that amount can cover your entire face. It actually goes on a little dry, so I suggest using a moisturiser before using this, and it goes on quiet nicely on the skin. It provides coverage, and yet, it doesn't feel heavy.

4. Skin79 Super BB Vip Gold Collection

This is my absolute favourite bbcream ever. I've been trying to find another one that I like, but I keep on coming back to this one. There's another version of this, but it is exactly the same, and it's packaged in pink

Both of them are exactly the same thing, but are packaged differently, I'm not sure why. But regardless, I've bought them both and tried both, and they are absolutely amazing. This bbcream also acts like a moisturiser and it covers up any redness and blemishes that you have. Also, its not heavy, and its sheer and it gives you a dewy finish.

4. Mioggi BBcream

This is one of the first bbcreams that I've tried and it's not bad. However, I find that it doesn't provide enough coverage, so if you have close to perfect skin to begin with, this is the product for you. It goes on really light, and you doesn't even feel like you're wearing it at all. 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Forever 21 Nail Polish + Sally Hansen Polish

So earlier, I posted a review about the Sally Hansen Nail polish. And being my lazy self and wanting to try out the $1.80 nail polish from forever 21, I decided to just paint on top of the polish. The colours were similar anyway, and I decided that the outcome wasn't too bad. 

Asian Skincare Products Haul

So for the past weekend, I've been receiving tons of stuff from the post office and all my make-up and skincare products have FINALLY arrived. And, I also decided to stop by Forever 21 to pick up my cleansing clothes and wanted to try out those $1.80 Nail polishes. The Sellers along with the product prices are listed below & in my Youtube video: (click to enlarge photo)

1. Kose Moisture Mild Day & Night Whitening Cream 50g - $20 USD - Seller: alphabeautyuk
3. SANA Esteny Hot Body Massage Ultra Super Hard 240g - $17 USD - Seller: alphabeautyuk
5. Etude House Pearl Shining Mineral BBcream - $15.98 USD - Seller: rubyruby76 
6. Kose Moisture Mild Day & Night Whitening Cream - $19 USD - Seller: alphabeautyuk
7. Etude House Dr Oil Solution Anti-shine Finish Pact - $10.50 USD - Seller: rubyruby76
8. Missha Auto Eyebrow Pencil #01 Gray Brown - $3.85 USD - Seller: rubyruby76 ($2 for overseas shipping)
2. Medicated Seikisho Whitening Mask - $20.50 USD
4. Freshel White C Clear Soap Face Cleanser - $10.00 USD
9. B&C Curby Lip Silicone 504 Milky Pink - $12 USD 

Forever 21 Online/Instore: 
10. Makeup Cleansing Clothes - $3.80 CAD
11. Nail Polishes - $1.80 CAD

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails (180 Set in Stone) Polish Review

Lately, I've been having this thing for collecting pale pink Nail Polishes because it looks so feminine and girly.
A few that I bought lately were the OPI Romantic Series Mini Polishes, and then the Nubar Pink Polish.
Today, I was with a friend in Wal-mart (again) and I saw this pretty pink Sally Hansen Nail Polish in 180 Set in Stone for only $2!!!!!!!! Awhile ago, I promised that I'd give up on buying those inferior quality nail polishes and start buying OPI polishes. But @ only $2, and a pretty colour, I couldn't resist So I immediately went home to redo my polish, and the result is this:

Now, this is after putting on 5 coats, because the first coat goes on pretty transparent, like as if you're wearing no polish at all but a clear topcoat. It dries really shiny and the colour is great =). I like it, but I don't like it enough to purchase it at the same price as an OPI polish. 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

3 Steps to Flawless Skin

Here is my daily routine to getting flawless looking skin that lasts all day

Here are the items that I used:

L'oreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base Face Primer
Missha Perfect Cover BBcream
Revolon Colorstay Aqua Mineral Finishing Powder
The key product in here is the Magic Perfecting Base by L'oreal
It has these properties:
  • smooths lines
  • hides pores
  • banishes imperfections
  • silky, lightweight formula
And, you can either wear this alone or under foundation, in my case, I wore it under my bbcream =)

This is what my skin looks like on daily basis (click to enlarge) - Photos taken in Day Sunlight & No Flash

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Lipstick Collection

 I recently fell in love with lipsticks. I'm such a hypocrite. When I was younger, I've sworn to myself that I would never use lipsticks as they make you look very "mature and womanly". Now, I'm just obsessed with them; especially for pink lipsticks. So here's my lipstick collection so far:

yes, most of my collection is from Rimmel

Can you tell I just went out and bought 2 Rimmel Lipsticks today? $3.99 CAD @ Shoppers (on sale)

The Lipsticks from Left to Right:

  1. Wet n' Wild - 516c
  2. Rimmel - 215 Sweetheart Tulips
  3. Rimmel - 210 Fancy
  4. Maybelline - 005 Pink Sand
  5. Rimmel - 600 Soft Coral
  6. Rimmel - 700 Nude Delight
  7. Maybelline - 805 Pink Freeze
  8. NYC - 314 Petal
  9. Rimmel - 800 Pink Star
  10. MAC Viva Glam - Gaga II Amplified
  11. Gosh - 134 Darling
  12. Jean Paul Gartier "Le Male" - Nourishing Lip Balm Fair Skin
  13. NYC - 420B
  14. NYC - 312 Chiffon

The Swatches:

Which ones do you think are the best looking ones? =)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fast & Simple Natural Makeup in Minutes Tutorial

The Look:

Products Used:

  1. Missha Perfect Cover bbcream - No.23
  2. Revlon Colorstay Aqua Mineral Finish Powder - Translucent Light Medium
  3. Kiss Me Heroine make Smooth liquid Eyeliner - Black
  4. Sephora Super Waterproof eye makeup remover
  5. False Eyelashes (see ebay haul)
  6. Sephora Eye Shadow - Aspen Summit No. 23
  7. Maybelline Lipstick - 805 Pink Freeze

Front: NewBorn Styling W Brow Pencil/Gel - SB2
Back: Eye Putti Eyelash Glue

Monday, July 11, 2011

Lucy Petite Darling Nails Review

At first, I really thought I would love this nail polish because the matte finish was really cool, but then it disappeared after one hour =(

Rimmel Lash Accelerator Review

My Eyes Prior To Mascara:

My Eyes After Mascara:

I think this is the first mascara that I've bought that wasn't Japanese brand and it would give a curl instantly. Props for this. What do you guys think?

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fast Way To Dress Up Mono Coloured Nails

Are you always tired of having the mono colour on your nails and yet at the same time, you don't feel like taking the time to draw designs on them? If you have very little patience like me, then you would definitely want to read on:

To start off, you need 3 things:
a. your favourite nail polish
b. nail decals
c. top coat

Here, I'm using Nars Nail Polish in Temptation, Rimmel 60 Seconds Vinyl Shine in 581 Clear Polish and Black Flower Nail Decals

1. First, just paint your nails with your favourite polish as usual. Wait for them to dry.

2. Next, carefully remove the decals from the backing (be careful with this, because they may rip) and place on nails

3. Place the top coat to seal in the decal

And there you have it! You can be creative with this, you can use these decals alone, or use a same coloured nail polish as the decals and paint only the tips =)

Ebay Haul!!

All these prices include shipping! 

Make-up Haul:

1. My Beauty Diary Masks - $35 USD 
Seller: alphabeautyuk
2. ADSM Super Strength Skin Lightening Cream - $20 USD
Seller: beverlyhillsskinproduct
3. 100 Pairs of False Eyelashes - $17 USD
4. 10 Pairs of False Eyelashes - $5 USD

5. Nails Decals (50 Sheets) -  $4 USD
Seller: onexshop

Fashion Haul:
1. Lacy Dress - $16 USD
Seller: koolshop88
2. One Shoulder Dress - $15 USD
3. Leopard Dress - $20 USD
Seller: koolshop88

Friday, July 8, 2011

Wal-mart Mini Haul

Today, having up late, me and my friend decided to head to Fairview Mall for breakfast/lunch @ 4pm =_=. While there, I stepped into Walmart and bought a few things:
Cotton pads for $1.85 CAD
Rimmel  Lash Accelerator Mascara on sale for $6.00 CAD 
Revolon Colourstay Aqua for $16.34 CAD

I am going to do a review on the Lash Accelerator and the Colorstay Aqua soon.

Don't Want to Spend $$$ on Urban Decay Primer Potion?! No Problem!

Before creating this blog, I have went around YouTube and other make-up blogs on make-up tutorials and such, and I have noticed that almost 90% of them have use the Urban Decay Primer Potion before using eye shadow. Now, I have never tried the primer potion myself, because I wasn't about to go into Sephora and spend 25$ CAD for just small bottle(18$ CAD online @ , but you need to spend over $50 for free shipping) of this and probably will have used up by the end of 1 month.

However, recently, I found an inexpensive alternative to this. Of course, its probably not as good as compared to the Urban Decay Primer Potion itself, but it definitely works for me.

I found this at my local Rexall drug store retailing for $8 (probably cheaper on Now, I have been looking for NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in milk for a very long time, and at the moment, I have only found them retailing at Rexall. Not even Shoppers Drug Mart or Walmart has this line.

I used this along with the Kanebo Kate Line Spicy eyelinear in GY-1 because this eyeshadow goes really soft on the skin and it barely shows on my eyes.

So, I have swatched the colours of the the eye-liner along with the colours that I used the white  NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil as a base. 
Right Side is the original.
Left Side is how the colour shows using the Eyeshadow Pencil as a base.

As you can see, #1 and #2 barely shows up without the help of the white eyeshadow base. As for #3 and #4, the colour might have changed from brown/black to a greyish tone, but I think that has just made the colours look better. And when I use it on my eyes, it stays put all day long and is 100% crease-free. 

This is how it looks on my eyes:

I have also tried the eyeshadow on my Tokidoki Mozzarella Cromatico Palette in the LATTE colour. 

again, the Right Side is the side without the eyeshadow as a base. Left Side is the shadow with the base. 
Without the base, the eyeshadow looks like a yellow-y blue on my skin while adding the base gives a more true colour to it. 

So overall, I think this is a great alternative to the Urban Decay Primer Potion. It goes on really creamy and is super bendable.