Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holiday Winter Doll Makeup Tutorial

Hello Everyone!!!! Happy Holidays! I'm finally done this term, and have 1 week-ish of vacation time spent in Toronto. However, sometimes at night, I still get uber bored, and since I've never created a look with red lips, I've decided, why not? Anyway, this is a look that'll even make your teeth look whiter!(If you have yellow stained teeth like me...ewww)

This is the lip gloss that completes the look (not recommended for everyday look though!)
@ Winners for only $5.99 CAD

With Flash:

Without Flash:

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Plastic Surgery Makeup (Without the need of Plastic Surgery)

Ever since when I was a teenager, I realized that my nose has been very flat =_= and truthfully, I have considered surgery or a nose injection (and I still am) because I don't have a nose bridge, and its really frustrating when I wear glasses because alot of the times, my glasses keep on sliding off, and of course, there's that beauty side (a flat nose, in my opinion, just doesn't look that flattering). So recently, I've been experimentation with make-up and discovered a way how to "fake" a nose bridge and as well as making your eyes seem bigger and your face slimmer.

This is how I looked before makeup

After Makeup:

 And this is what it looks like in natural lighting (without the light shining on my face)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Absolute Total Diamond Skin 79 BBcream Review

So far, Skin79 has been my favourite BBcream brand ever, and recently, I've decided to spend a little more on the Diamond Version of this bbcream. To me, this one feels no different than my already favourite, Super+ bbcream also by Skin79.However, I can feel that it gives a more thicker coverage than the Super+ Bbcream, and it feels like it has the same coverage as the Missha BBcream. Moreover, I feel that this cream gives a better coverage than most foundations. Again, it gives a rather dewy finish and sort of feels oilly, so moisturiser is not needed. The only difference that is labelled is that this one has a better SPF37 PA++ whereas the other one only has a SPF25PA++. 

The shade is slightly lighter than my hand

 And this is how it looks like when used as a foundation: (I only use the bbcream + translucent powder to set, and used NO concealers)

Notice the imperfections on my forehead? It does a good job at covering it

I think this is the bbcream that I would use during my bad skin days. It is quite expensive when it is bought at pmall (around $30-$40). Fortunately, I got this from ebay which was only around $15. I think I have just found my second favourite bbcream =)